• NOTE - 

    If you have any questions or need assistance with your portal account, please send an email to mpp@ManhassetSchools.org  If you are locked out of your account, please email MPP@ManhassetSchools.org from the email address that you use for the Parent Portal.  This will verify that you should have access to that account.  Also, please include the name of your child in the email address as well as a note indicating the issue with which you need assistance (e.g. "I'm locked out of my account and wish to see my son John's report card").  

    Use this link to arrive at the login page for the Manhasset Parent Portal.  
    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Once your student has met all requirements of registration within the Manhasset Public School District a Manhasset Parent Portal account(s) will be created for each parent/guardian. The Manhasset Parent Portal (MPP) is a password protected gateway through which parents/guardians are able to view the following student data based upon student grade level. 

    Parents/guardians of students in all gade levels have access to both parent demographics (salutation, name, telephone # and email address) and student report cards. Parents/guardians of students in the secondary school (grades 7-12) also have access to progress reports and student schedules.  Finally, parents/guardians of seniors also have access to unoffical transcripts.  


    Please Note: Parents who wish to update the telephone number(s) and/or email address(es) used to contact them should do so by updating that information the parent portal. Submitted updates will be updated in our Student Information system and our Mass Notification system. 

    The district will create a unique Username and a one-time login Password for each parent/guardian that is permitted to receive correspondence. Upon initial login, each parent will be required to set a new unique password. 


    Click the link below to access step by step instructions on how to update parent email and phone information in the Manhasset Parent Portal.

    Click the link below for Parent Portal internet browser requirements. 
    Click the link below for instruction on using the Manhasset Parent Portal.
    Use this link to arrive at the login page for the Manhasset Parent Portal.   
    All grade reporting documents will be published to the Manhasset Parent Portal electronically, unless a paper copy is requested.
    Manhasset will NOT display in the district drop down menu, because the district has already created accounts for parents and guardians.  Parents are not required to go through the steps of creating an account. 
    If you need assistance with your account login, please email MPP@ManhassetSchools.org