• Welcome to the new Manhasset web page! Some of the new features that we hope you will take advantage of include:

    • Mobile App (Available from either the iTunes or Google Play stores by searching for “Manhasset Schools Mobile”).
    • Staff Directory - find the contact information for any staff member quickly and easily.
    • Responsive Design - the website automatically resizes itself for the best fit for your monitor - whether it be a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.
    • Page Translation - quickly and easily translate our site into one of 11 languages.

     Create website "passkeys" for school-related websites like:

    • Parent Portal
    • Rosetta Stone

    Click this link to download a guide posted on the new website that will help you to login for the first time. The guide will also show you how to setup your own "My View" area to bookmark favorite parts of the website like specific teacher pages, lunch menus, or calendars. You can also bookmark outside websites as well.


    Your parent account credentials (username and password) are as follows:


    • Your username is the same as that used for our Parent Portal system (If you need help with the accessing the Parent Portal, please click here..
    • Your Password - will be generated when you click the “Forgot password” link on the sign in page.


    NOTE: (Student account credentials are the same as those used to login to the District's computer network.)

    Looking to stay connected to our Superintendent's email listserv? Complete the Manhasset Listserv form here. If you were already signed up at our prior website, no need to sign up again, your email address has been put into the new site's database.


    We hope you enjoy using our new website!