• pencil About Mr. Yellin
      Mr. Yellin has taught various high school art and media classes within the New York City Education system for over a decade, most notably at Townsend Harris High School where he designed curriculum for digital media and film studies classes, as well as Flushing High School where he created the Digital Media Academy.  He has also worked at New York Institute of Technology teaching Advanced Drawing and Animation Techniques classes, and the Art League of Long Island where he instructing courses on Quick Sketch and  Human Anatomy for Artists.
    Before moving into teaching full time, he worked in the animation industry on various TV shows, commercials, and developmental projects.  Among his favorite positions were working as Lead Animator for Disney Television (Lizzie Maguire), Storyboard Artist for Fox Animation (The Tick) and Nickelodeon (Kappa Mikey), and several years creating pieces for Saturday Night Live (TV Funhouse spots).
    M.S. Hofstra University
    M.F.A. NYU - Tisch School of the Arts 
    Art Students League
    Associates in Art