Welcome to the CASA Healthy Living Club!


    World Mental Health Day Chalk Out


    Faculty Advisor: Ms. Doris Rogers, LCSW


    Instagram:  club.healthyliving


    The Healthy Living Club aims toward encouraging teens to learn about adopting a healthy lifestyle.  Our goal is to promote positive recreational activities and healthy outlets which enhance mental health, stress relief, substance abuse prevention and overall well-being.   Some activities include yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and creative events to promote a health and positivity.  Additionally, ongoing education and substance abuse prevention strategies will be utilized to motivate students to adhere to a drug-free school community.  All students are invited to attend.


    Upcoming Events

    Next meeting is Tuesday, January 29th at 7:45 a.m. in room 219 (next to the SPA).



     Listen to the morning announcements and check back for future club meeting dates!