• Manhasset Secondary School Guidance and Counseling Services
    Jane Grappone
    Director, Guidance and Counseling Services

    Guidance and Counseling Services:
    In accordance with the guidelines established by the National and New York State School Counseling Associations, the K-12 Guidance and Counseling program of the Manhasset School District has been designed to address the developmental needs of each student and to assist you, their parents/guardians, in helping them as they progress from their earliest days in elementary school up to the planning involved in the development of post-secondary plans. Throughout the course of this journey each student will have the opportunity to participate in individual and/or group activities designed to address their academic, social/emotional, and career needs. While the following list is not meant to be all inclusive, it will provide some insight as to the nature of the activities in which the counselors are involved.

    • Assist in the transition of students to elementary school
    • Provide transition support as students move from elementary to middle, to high school and beyond
    • Counsel students who struggle with school phobia, negative peer and family relations,    drug/alcohol use, academic failure and stress
    • Work with teachers in developing/delivering age appropriate elementary school programs
    • Monitor the academic progress of each student
    • Provide direct counseling services to students individually and in support groups
    • Provide education and support services to parents
    • Provide consultation services to teachers
    • Facilitate referrals to community support services
    • Advise students on academic planning
    • Provide career guidance to students
    • Provide a comprehensive post-secondary planning program
    • Maintain an up-to-date library of career and post-secondary school information
    • Network with post-secondary schools

    Counseling Staff:
     Amanda Gimondo Shelter Rock Elementary 267-7448 
      Munsey Park Elementary  267-7448

    Middle School Counselors: 
    Jenny Chen Grades 7-8 Blue Team 267-7512
    Caitlin Regolini Grades 7-8 Orange Team 267-7513

    Middle School Clerical Staff: 
    Anita Meyerson - 267-7511

    High School Counselors:

    Danielle Cerulli
    Kimberly Cosenza 267-7620kcosenza@manhassetschools.org
    Marcy Fogel 267-7619marcy_fogel@manhassetschools.org
    Jennifer Landman   267-7616
    Lori Margulies
    Kristen Ruthkowski

    High School Clerical Staff:
    Priscilla Birdsall               267-7614
    Schedules appointments for Ms. Grappone, Mrs. Landman, and Mrs. Margulies
    Suzanna Elias                   267-7613
    Schedules appointments for Ms. Cerulli and Ms. Cosenza
    Jeanmarie Scagnelli        267-7612
    Schedules appointments for Mrs. Fogel and Ms. Wolfinger