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    403(b) - Retirement Plan

    What is a 403(b)?  

    403(b) is a retirement plan option open to all employees. It can serve as a supplement to a traditional pension plan or other retirement plan(s), or as a stand-alone plan.  Employees can now open either a “Traditional” or “Roth” 403(b). 

    If you qualify, you have the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in the Manhasset School District’s 403(b) plan.   We recommend that all employees view the OMNI 403(b) video presentation explaining what a 403(b) plan is, and how to contribute found at 403b why me  (Please note that you will be asked to supply your name, e-mail address, date of birth, state (NY) and employer (Manhasset UFSD).  After watching the video, OMNI sends a completion e-mail with some useful links.

    How Can I Participate?  On the web, visit Plan Details for the state select “New York”, for the employer name type “Manhasset UFSD”, and press the “GO” key.  The Manhasset UFSD Plan Details page listing participating service providers will be displayed. 

    • The first step toward Plan enrollment is establishing an account with one of the service providers; each one listed offering a link.
    • The second step is to select between “Traditional” 403(b) offering pre-tax contributions vs the “Roth” 403(b) in which contributions are taxed
    • The final step ONLY AFTER YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED with one of the plan providers, is to complete and submit a Salary Reduction Agreement (“SRA”) form (also found on the Plan Details page) to the Manhasset Payroll Department. 

    What If I Already Have An Account?  If you are already contributing to the Plan, and you want to change your contribution amount or service provider, simply complete and submit a new SRA to the Manhasset Payroll Department.

    What If I Do Not Want To Contribute?  Participation is completely voluntary. 

    How can I get more information?  Additional information is available at the following links:

    Questions about the video or plan specifics should be directed to the OMNI Group (service provider for the District) at 877-544-6664.  Updates and newsletters published by OMNI are available at Newsletters 

    For Payroll related questions, please call the Manhasset Payroll Department at 516-267-7718