• Manhasset Schools Videos  
    Manhasset Opening of Schools Update
    Welcome Back! 2021
    Lessons Learned
    Blue Ribbon Video
    Superintendent's Message Fall 2018

    2018 Manhasset School Board Recognition

    Manhasset Schools:  A Tradition of Excellence

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Secondary School Videos

  • 2019 Manhasset High School Graduation

    2018 Manhasset High School Graduation

    2017 Manhasset High School Graduation

    Manhasset Secondary School 2017

    2016 Manhasset High School Graduation

Munsey Park Videos

  • 2020 Munsey Park Digital Yearbook


    2019 Munsey Park Promotional Assembly

    Butera's Big Bash:  Mrs. Briody's Class

    2018 Munsey Park Promotional Assembly

    2018 Munsey Park Digital Yearbook

    2017 Munsey Park 6th Grade Promotional Assembly

    Munsey Park Promotional Ceremony 2014-15 

    Munsey Park Blue Ribbon Award Assembly

    Munsey Park Final Song

Shelter Rock Videos

  • 2019 Shelter Rock Promotional Assembly

     Shelter Rock - Fifth Grade Speeches

    Butera's Big Bash:  Mrs. Tran's Class 12/13/18

    2018 Shelter Rock Promotional Assembly

     2017 Shelter Rock Digital Yearbook

    2017 Shelter Rock 6th Grade Promotional Ceremony

    2016 Shelter Rock Promotional Ceremony 

    Shelter Rock Promotional Ceremony 2014-15

    Shelter Rock Montage