• Welcome to the Coding Club's Community Homepage!


    We meet weekly each Thursday after school. 

    • 3x a month: In person immediately after class in room 271.
    • 1x a month: Via Zoom in the late evening (see our Canvas calendar for exact dates).

    Most of our information can be found on our Canvas page, including our coding platforms, contests, and discussion boards.


    For existing members of the Coding club, click this link: Visit the Coding Club on Canvas

    For new members who want to join, click this link: Join the Coding Club


    Officers 2021-2022:

    Co-Presidents: Michael Paulucci & Peter Sheridan

    Co-Vice Presidents: Evan Ginsburg & Cristian Xique

    Junior Vice President: Alex Lu

    Treasurer: Khushi Kukadia

    Secretary: Jack Hyland

    Webmaster: Jonas Kim

    Student Senate Representative: Khushi Kukadia