Technology FAQs for Parents and Community

  • Welcome to the Manhasset Instructional Technology Dept's Frequently Asked Questions page!

    Please use the navigation menu on the left to locate resources on various instructional technology tools being used by Manhasset teachers and students this year. 

    If you have an issue with school technology, you can submit an email to Please be as specific as possible by including the name of your child, grade, and other pertinent information. Secondary School students can also stop by the HS Library from 7:45 Am to 3:30 PM for hardware issues.  

    Parent Portal
    If you have a question/issue with your Parent Portal account, please email  

    For more information about the Parent Portal, click here

    Every student throughout the district is issued a Chromebook to use throughout the year.  Chromebooks assigned to students in grades K-4 will remain in the building for classroom use.  Chromebooks assigned to students in grades 5-12 are brought home each night, used as needed for homework, charged and brought back to school the next school day.

    Insurance Option
    Now that our 1:1 device program sends many Chromebooks out of the buildings on a regular basis, it is likely that there may be greater damage to these devices than when they were housed within classrooms and did not go home.  All parents signed a Student/Parent laptop agreement (Board Policy 8330-E ) agreeing to take responsibility of the cost of repair or replacement if the device is damaged, lost, or stolen. The cost of replacing a Chromebook is approximately $360. 
    The Manhasset School District now offers an option for parents to purchase insurance for their device through Worth Avenue Group.  Please click the following link to access the portal through which Manhasset parents/guardians are able to purchase insurance. See this page for complete details . 
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