• The Math In Focus Program provides:

    • A focused and coherent syllabus. Math in Focus introduces fewer topics in each grade, but teaches them in greater depth. Topics are taught to mastery and build from year to year across grade levels. 
    • A visual and balanced approach. Math in Focus is a highly visual program, following a concrete to pictorial to abstract progression. 
    • A focus on number and operations. Math in Focus is sequenced in a way that ensures students develop and maintain strong number sense. Students spend the majority of the first half of the year studying number(s). This provides the foundation necessary to move on to more complex and abstract thinking. 
    • An emphasis on problem solving using model-drawing. Math in Focus utilizes model-drawing strategies, as well as other strategies, to help students solve word problems.

    Parents Resources for Math in Focus 


    Munsey Park Elementary Math Specialists:


    Jesse Cohen

    Shelter Rock: