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Manhasset has 15 Siemens Competition Semifinalists 

A total of 7 projects (15 students) from the Manhasset Science Research Program have been named Semifinalists in the Siemens Science Competition.  Also, two students from Manhasset were named Regional Finalists and will be receiving $1,000 each.  Only 5 team projects and 5 individual projects were chosen to represent our region in this competition.  These students will be presenting their project to judges from Carnegie Mellon, with hopes of being selected to compete at the National level in Washington D.C.
Rachel Chang (Grade 11)
Tiffeny Chen (Grade 11)
Fred Chu (Grade 11)
Emma Fleishman (Grade 12)
Elin Hu (Grade 11)
Summar Khan (Grade 12)
Ashley Kim (Grade 11)
Richard Lee (Grade 12)
Stephen Lee (Grade 11)
Matthew Palmadessa (Grade 11)
William Peng (Grade 11)
Sung Won Seo (Grade 12)
Ryan Thorpe (Grade 11)
Bartolomeo Voto (Grade 12)
Vanessa Zhang (Grade 11)
Regional Finalists:
Fred Chu (Grade 11)
Stephen Lee (Grade 11)