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Manhasset students win honors at Long Island Science and Engineering Fair

Manhasset High School students won numerous awards at the recent Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, held on March 14 at the Crest Hollow Country Club. The fair is an opportunity for students across the region to present their research projects to professionals in their subject areas. Additionally, sophomore Samantha Chen and junior Serena Zhao have both advanced to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Phoenix, Arizona this May.

Chen and Zhao won first place in the environmental engineering category at LISEF, qualifying them for entry into ISEF. Their research, titled “Optimizing the Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Cucurbita pepo and an Analysis of Desorption Efficiency and Material Reusability,” involved carbonizing Cucurbita pepo, commonly known as squash, and testing the efficiency of the removal of methylene blue from an aqueous solution via adsorption. Chen and Zhao were inspired to conduct this research project due to large amount of pumpkin waste that is generated each Halloween. They conducted their research in the Manhasset High School research lab under the direction of Science Research Director Alison Huenger.

"Both Samantha and Serena are talented researchers who have promising future careers in STEM,” said Huenger. “They showed great dedication in the completion of their research projects, so the district is proud that they’ve been honored for their work. We wish them much success as they advance to ISEF!”

Additonally, the district congratulates the following students who were also recognized with awards at LISEF:

Special Awards:
American Meteorological Society: Jacky Gu (Grade 12)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Samantha Chen (Grade 10) and Serena Zhao (Grade 11)
Ricoh UA, Inc.: Richard Lee (Grade 12)
Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Samantha Chen (Grade 10) and Serena Zhao (Grade 11)
US Metric Asociation: Kendrick Tak (Grade 12)

Second Place (in her respective category):
• Baokun (Jacky) Gu (Grade 10)

Junior Varsity Level:

First Place (in their respective categories):
• Kaitlyn Clarke (Grade 10) and Sarah Shao (Grade 11)

Second Place (in their respective categories):
• Mir Zayid Alam (Grade 10) and Taylor Fox (Grade 10)
• Kayla Hsu (Grade 11) and Marky Nickita (Grade 11)
• Joshua De Leeuw (Grade 10) and Benjamin Glauner (Grade 10)

Third Place (in their respective categories):
• Kevin Carratu (Grade 11) and Spyrithoula Xenophontos (Grade 10)

Honorable Mention in their respective categories):
• Ava Balacek (Grade 10) and Emily Ma (Grade 10)