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Manhasset SCA Donates to New SEL Center

Gifts $75,000 for new Social and Emotional Learning Support Center at
Manhasset Secondary School

On behalf of the Manhasset School District, the Manhasset Board of Education recently accepted a generous gift from the Manhasset School Community Association (SCA) that will be used for a facility enhancement that will benefit the overall well-being of students. SCA leaders were on hand at the April 4 Board of Education meeting to provide a donation of $75,000 that will be used toward the creation of a Social and Emotional Learning and Support Center at Manhasset Secondary School.

“We are so pleased to be recipients of this generous donation. The SCA has been a valued partner throughout the years,” said Dr. Butera. “This gift is a significant step in promoting and supporting the social and emotional development of our students and providing the safest possible environment for them. We are extremely grateful for the SCA’s thoughtfulness.”

Last year, the SCA donated funds for the District to conduct a School Climate and Quality Survey, which resulted in more than 2,700 student, parent and staff responses. The survey shed light on the importance of supporting the social and emotional well-being of students.

The May 21, 2019 school ballot will include a capital projects proposition that seeks voter approval for several projects, including the creation of a Social and Emotional Learning and Support Center, which is a redesign and repurposing of existing space in the Middle School wing at the Secondary School. The space would provide students a safe and inviting environment to access support.

The $75,000 SCA donation will help offset construction costs of the project, with the balance of the cost of the center being funded through existing monies in the District’s Capital Reserve Fund, which is subject to voter approval.

According to a joint statement from SCA Co-Executive Presidents Nancy Schlaefer and Marybeth Accurso, “The SCA is fully committed to the social and emotional well-being of every student in Manhasset. Our $20,000 sponsorship of the School Quality Survey in 2018 followed by this gift to the school, a donation of $75,000 towards the SEL wing, shows this commitment. We thank Dr. Butera and the Board of Education for recognizing the importance of the mental and social health of our children, especially at this critical age. We look forward to partnering with the District on this important aspect of the ‘whole child’ and will continue to pursue opportunities and enhancements to further this mission.”

“The Board of Education is extremely grateful to the SCA for their gift complementing our initiatives to support the social, emotional and physical well-being of our students,” said Regina Rule, President of the Manhasset Board of Education. “This generous gift provides substantial financial support for the work we are doing to support our students, and we deeply appreciate the ongoing, collaborative and productive partnership we have with the SCA.”