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A Message from Shelter Rock Elementary School

Dear Families,

I am so happy to share with you the launch of “movement” stations (or sensory hallways) at Shelter Rock School. These interactive stations provide various age-appropriate instructions and physical activities for students. Many schools are recognizing the need to provide students with an outlet to release some energy during the school day, in addition to recess, in order to be more productive and focused on their learning in the classroom.

Our occupational therapists, Alice Desarno, Yvonne Baginski, and Robyn Linn have been instrumental in this initiative to create six movement stations around our school. At teacher discretion, students will have an opportunity to take a few minutes when needed to utilize the quick exercises the movement stations provide:

• In the kindergarten and first grade wing, there is a “Please Touch Wall” which displays different textures for students to feel and an “Alphabet Push Wall” where students can tap out spelling words.
• In the second-grade wing, there is a New York City theme with instructions for fun exercises.
• In the third, fourth, and fifth grade wings, a sports theme displays simple exercises including sports yoga, as well as an alphabet push wall to tap out spelling words.
• In the sixth-grade wing, the theme is “Recharge your Batteries!” with fun activities.

We are excited about the “movement breaks” these stations will provide for all our students!

Please see attached pictures. 


Rich Roder