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Manhasset Art/Performance Showcase Lights Up the Room

Kudos to the Manhasset Secondary School Contemporary Ensemble, which recently presented its second annual Art/Performance Showcase, filled with wonderful performances that were complemented by this year’s student art creation: a 10-foot triangle sculpture featuring LED lights programmed to light up as students performed.

The Art/Performance Showcase, held on April 10 in the intimate setting of the Manhasset Secondary School band room, featured a variety of performances involving 18 ensemble members. The show consisted of dance choreography produced by students; newly composed student poetry, solo voice, piano and violin pieces; and large ensemble works. Students enjoyed performing for the audience, made up mostly of proud parents. They even world-premiered “Are You Ready?” –the latest chamber work written by Manhasset Secondary School music teacher and ensemble director Hector Minaya. Professional classical guitar soloist Josué Pagán was also in attendance and performed for everyone in the room.

The sculpture was designed and built entirely by the ensemble students –from the soldering of the structure to the computer coding that activates the lights – and truly added to the ambiance of this special performance.