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Honoring Student Service

The Manhasset Board of Education recently honored 212 Manhasset Secondary School students ranging from ages 14-18 with the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the nation’s premiere volunteer awards program that encourages students to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition.

According to Manhasset School District Coordinator of Social Studies Mara Steindam, the 212 student awards represent 24,384 cumulative hours of volunteer service by the recipients in two age groups. For the teens age group, 63 students amassed more than 100 hours of service, thus winning gold-level recognition. For the adult age group, 14 students amassed 250 or more hours of service for the gold-level award. Their work includes volunteering for food banks, causes in support of cancer awareness and research, the North Shore Animal League, volunteer service organizations including the fire department, and school-based organizations such as Manhasset CASA and the SCA, among countless other great causes to better their community and the lives of others.

Each recipient was called onto the Manhasset Secondary School auditorium stage to receive their award, where they were congratulated by Board of Education members and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vincent Butera.