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Discussion with Syracuse University Professor

Students in AP Statistics, Computer Programming and Math in Sports classes had a virtual visit with a professional from the field. Dr. Jeremy Losak is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University’s Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. He has a variety of experiences in the academic and sports circuits, with specialties in sports economics and sport labor markets.

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Losak provided the Secondary School students with a broad look at how sport analytics and statistics affect game-time, media, front office and boardroom decisions. He also led the classes through some simulations that examined the financial ramifications of the New York Knicks’ playoff performance.

Students also learned about some of the undergraduate programs available at Syracuse University and its High School Summer Academy. Dr. Losak discussed the strengths and values of the economics, computer science, statistics, communications and world language fields. He gave students tools and tips to get started in the field including reading, engaging with the sports community through social media and producing content.

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