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Long Island Science Congress

Fifteen Manhasset science research students recently participated in the Long Island Science Congress Junior Division competition. The competition was held virtually and is an exhibit of science projects by students in Nassau and Suffolk counties, sponsored by the Long Island Sections of the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS).

All of the Manhasset students who competed this year placed in their respective categories. Congratulations to the following students:

Highest Honors

  • Lilly Pantelogianis (Grade 9) - Comparison of Solar Still Design for Effective Desalination


High Honors

  • Zachary Rho (Grade 9) - The Effect of the Albedo of a Surface on the Transfer of Heat to Runoff
  • Hannah Rubin (Grade 9) - Optimizing Small-Scale Energy Generation by Piezoelectric Strips
  • Jack Voelker (Grade 9) - The Effect of Anthropogenic Sound on Tigriopus californicus
  • Adam Yeo (Grade 9) - The Effect of UV Light and Salinity on the Biodegradation of Natural Fibers
  • Dylan Yoon (Grade 9) - The Effectiveness of Plant-Based Coagulants for Reduction of Turbidity in Water



  • Alec Abbasi (Grade 9) - Effect of Blade Material on Wind Turbine Efficiency
  • Toby Leng (Grade 9) - Comparison of Bioplastics made from Corn, Rice and Tapioca
  • Jordan Li (Grade 9) - The Effect of Natural Insecticides on Ants
  • Kenneth Li (Grade 9) - Degradation of Polystyrene and Clear Plastic by Tenebrio molitor Larvae
  • Grace Seto (Grade 9) - Phytoremediation by Lemna minor, Egeria densa and Salvinia molesta on Dye Contaminated Water



  • Manav Gupta (Grade 9) - Alternative Energy Production by Galvanic Cells
  • Christian Kim (Grade 9) - Comparison of Filtration Rates by Angiosperm and Gymnosperm Xylem
  • Austyn Park (Grade 9) - Analysis of the Hydrophobic Nature of Butterfly Wings
  • Sophia Zouak (Grade 9) - The Effect of Iron on Remediation of CO2 Acidification in Saltwater


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