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Ryan Thorpe and Rachel Chang competed at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition held in Stockholm, Sweden during World Water Week (the end of August).  At the competition, they were awarded the grand prize by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.  This is the top water based competition in the world and is a very prestigious prize. At this competition, Ryan and Rachel not only represented Manhasset High School, they represented the United States and competed against 32 other countries.  The students gained entry to this competition by winning the Stockholm Junior Water Prize at the New York State level (May 2017) and the National Level (June 2017).

This has been a once in a lifetime experience for these two students.  With their win, they were the guests of honor of the Swedish Royalty at their Royal Ball, they were honored not only at the Gala for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition (SJWP), they were also honored at the adult version of the competition (SIWI).  Many of the judges were impressed that this project was not only conducted by high school students, but  were also highly impressed that this project was conducted in a high school lab. All of the water professionals were captivated by their genuine nature, strong knowledge of science and their charisma. The President of Xylem, the President of the Water Environmental Federation, and the Governor of the World Water Council were absolutely impressed by their project, saying that it is one of the top projects that they have seen at the competition and that it has true potential for the developing and developed world.

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