Rosetta Stone


    Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a web-based program, accessible from any internet connection for their current language of study. All students enrolled in a language class have been provided with log in and password information. Students are using Rosetta Stone to supplement their language of study.

The Rosetta Stone Method:

The Rosetta Stone method teaches language the way we learned our native language. Rosetta Stone uses pictures to establish the meanings of words and phrases so there is no translation. Lessons are taught in the target language using real-life examples. Tasks and activities engage learners in the learning process. New information is presented systematically so that words and grammatical concepts are easily identified and understood.

Version 3 Language Offerings:

In addition to the five languages currently offered in our schools (Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and English), Version 3 includes these additional languages:

Greek, Mandarin, Portuguese , Korean, Arabic , German, Hebrew, Irish, Japanese, , Polish, Dutch, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Swedish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Turkish

Rosetta Stone Policy 


Rosetta Stone has announced, that  in March 2017, they will no longer support browser versions older than Internet Explorer 11 or the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.