Graduating Seniors - Transferring Files

The easiest way for students to take their files with them is to first, put them all in one place. The easiest place for them to do this in their school Google Drive. They can simply upload contents from their Manhasset network folder to Google Drive by following the instructions on this video .

Next, once they have their files located on their school Google Drive, they can use Google's "Take Out" process to extract those files to your home computer by following the instructions on this video (Written instructions are attached to this email).
Students are advised to NOT DOWNLOAD archives on a public computer or upload them where others can see them. The best practice is to follow the above steps while on a personal or home computer.

Please note that your MUSFD Network Account, your MUFSD Google Account, and your MUFSD Gmail account are for Manhasset UFSD students only. Therefore, access to them officially ends upon graduation. Since we realize that you may wish to save your files, the District gives graduating seniors  ten-week
grace period to complete the described backup process. Students should realize that these accounts will not exist beyond September 1st of the year they graduate.